Escabags National aWEARness Day 2024

Escabags aWEARness Day 2024

Celebrating the Freedom and Empowerment of Survivors of Domestic and Family Abuse across Australia

Show your support by
‘Wearing it Yellow’
on Friday 16th February 2024.

We are inviting all stockists and supporters of Escabags to participate in our ‘Escabags National aWEARness Day’ by ‘Wearing it Yellow’, whether it be a shirt, dress, hat, wig, or something even more daring!

Escabags will send each participating business, organisation, or friendship/community group a ‘Participation Pack’, including posters, balloons and two types of stickers to choose from ‘Proud to be a SURVIVOR’ or ‘Proud to be a SUPPORTER’.

At Escabags, we feel this is an excellent way to start conversations around domestic and family abuse in the workplace, our communities and social circles.

You are also welcome to hold your own fundraising activities on this day, for example, a yellow fancy dress day, a $1 donation from every meal/coffee sold, a bake sale or a non-school/ work uniform day etc.

Since being founded in February 2020, Escabags continues to distribute free ‘Escape Bags’ to families and individuals escaping domestic and family abuse nationally via our 1400+ registered Escabags Stockists.

Our Escape Bags are FREE, and we intend to keep it this way! However, on this day, once a year, we would gratefully appreciate a $100 participant contribution* to confirm your support and enable us to continue our work in Australia so that no one is ever too far from an Escape Bag or a life free from fear.

*For every $100 that Escabags raises, a complete box of Escape Bags will be supplied to a new stockist supporting those escaping domestic and family abuse in their community.

Please use the hashtag #EscabagsaWEARnessDay2024 on all social media posts throughout the day!

To confirm your participation and $100 contribution towards the Escabags mission, please complete the below Participation Form.

Payment must be made by Friday 2nd February 2024 via or please advise if you would prefer for us to provide your organisation with an invoice.

You can now also order your official National aWEARness Day T-Shirts now – please head to to order.

Only $9.95 incl postage and packing.

aWEARness Day T-Shirts

Thank you for your continued kindness and support,

Team Escabags x

    To confirm your participation and $100 contribution towards the Escabags mission, please complete the below information:

    Social Media Links: (i.e., and

    Do you agree to the $100 Company/Group Participation Contribution

    Will you be organising any additional fundraising activities on the the Escabags National aWEARness Day?

    Are you to happy to share (and for Escabags to share) your support throughtout the day from photographs, videos or posts via our social media platforms and website?