Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships play a significant role in assisting us to deliver our service across the country. Escabags recognises the importance of feeling safe and respected within the home, community and workplace!

Corporate Partnership

A Corporate Partnership with Escabags can:

  • Increase the awareness of domestic and family abuse within your workplace.
  • Create a safe and respected environment for your staff, customers, and clients to discuss domestic and family abuse concerns.
  • Increase customer and brand loyalty.
  • Increase employee skill development, morale, team building and leadership.
  • Generate positive recognition for your business.
  • Attract new business partners and relationships

Corporate Partnership opportunities:

Financial Support

Consider a corporate donation by selecting Escabags as your charity of choice for the year, sponsoring a project, state, area or industry.

Pro Bono and In-Kind Support

Donate essential items we require for our ‘Single Adult’ and ‘Parent & Child’ Escape Bags or a particular service that your organisation specialises in.

Workplace Giving

Allow your staff to express their support to Escabags through automatic payroll deductions and volunteer programs.

Event Sponsorship

Attend, enjoy and participate in one of our many fundraising events as a corporate event sponsor.

Media Sponsorship

Assist with the cost of promoting our services nationally, state-wide or locally via radio promotions, TV ads or printed advertisements.

Escabags is excited to announce the launch of our Corporate Partnerships Model, to book a presentation F2F or virtually with our CEO Stacy Jane, please leave your details below and we shall contact you within 3 business days.