Our Mission

Our Mission

The Escabags Mission is to alleviate the immediate trauma of domestic abuse by providing free and effective access to ‘Escape Bags’ in communities, whilst connecting victims with resources and agencies to continue their journey towards survivorship.

Our Values

  • Confidentiality & Safety : Escabags respects the importance of privacy and safety and will protect the identity of all victims who use our service. We do not collect personal information of those collecting or requesting an ‘Escape Bag’.
  • Respect & Understanding : We believe that all lives matter. As a result, Escabags will treat everyone equally regardless of religion, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, class, ethnicity, political affiliation, age or country of origin. We will respect others’ opinions, decisions, and beliefs, whether or not we agree with them.
  • Empathy & Compassion : Escabags will treat everyone with the empathy and compassion that they deserve.
  • Hope & Empowerment : We believe that Escabags has the strength and ability to make necessary change locally, nationally and beyond. We recognise the importance of empowering others by giving victims a voice and providing education and support throughout all the work we deliver. We will continue to give hope to those escaping abuse by providing a practical and safe solution, enabling all victims to become survivors by taking their first step to freedom and go on to live a life free from fear.

Our Vision

Our Vision is for all to live in a world free from domestic and family abuse and feel safe and respected within their homes and community.