Become a Stockist

You don’t have to be a particular type of business to become a stockist – just a kind one!

Since being founded in 2020, we now have over 1400 stockists nationally.

Here is everything you need to know:

  • You do not have to be a particular type of business to become a stockist – just a kind one! We currently have Police Stations, Health & Communities Centres, Banks, Restaurants, Fitness Centres, Beauty Salons and Barbers, (to name a few) who stock our ‘Escape Bags’.
  • It will not cost you a cent! Our ‘Escape Bags’ are free, and we are responsible for sending them out to you, so there is no cost to you or your organisation.
  • It doesn’t matter where you are based! In fact, the more remote you are, the better. It is part of the Escabags Mission to ensure there is at least one stockist in every suburb of Australia so that no victim of abuse is ever too far away from an ‘Escape Bag’.
  • The ‘Escape Bags’ do not need to be visible in your business/organisation! They can be kept safely in a back office or cupboard. All we ask is that you kindly display one of our posters in a window or on a notice board so that your community is aware you have them available, should anyone ever need one.

Becoming an Escabags Stockist is caring about the wellbeing and safety of your community.

We cater for all Domestic & Family Abuse victims because everyone deserves to feel safe and respected at home and within their communities.

Our Escape Bags are free; however, if you can, we would appreciate you covering our courier fee of $60 per location; a discounted fee of $30 is available for not-for-profit organisations. Please be reminded Escabags has DGR status meaning the courier fee is tax deductible, as are all donations over $2.

    To become a stockist, please fill in and submit the form below:

    I do not wish for my business address to appear on the Escabags Stockist page
    I am happy to pay $60 courier fee contribution to my order